Why You Need To Consider These Eight Great Deals


April is Earth Month, the time of year when people around the world show their support of environmental issues. Desire to go green with the next new-car purchase? Fortunately, there are plenty of eco-friendly options for new car shoppers who want to save money at the pump, cut tailpipe emissions, or reduce their dependency on petroleum. So, in this edition of Steals on Wheels, TrueCar.com is sharing eight of the very best green deals seen on a selection ofelectric and hybrid, and plug-in vehicles.

Discounts aren’t always on top of these alternative powertrain vehicles because they’re in such sought after that dealers don’t should be very flexible in their pricing. Despite having that caveat, the selection of deals on this week’s list demonstrate potential discounts ranging as much as 19.1 percent, or as much as $10,943 off the manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing.

It’s interesting to observe the variety of powertrains on this list cross the full selection of alternative options, from gas/electric hybrid to full battery electrics to plugin hybrids, and all sorts of body styles from small cars and hatchbacks and practical utility vehicles entirely up to larger and more luxurious performance sedans. The selection offers enough variety to demonstrate that new car shoppers don’t have to sacrificeperformance and space”” Alternatively, comfort to be green.

Several of the electric vehicles with this list are entitled to State and Federal rebates (where available, visit ncsl.org to discover more on your state’s potential rebate programs). While these rebates can be sizeable, it’s essential to know that these rebates come after the purchase, and while they ultimately represent a savings to the buyer, they do not affect the actual purchase price or decrease your monthly payments.

Regardless of where you live, these “Steals on Wheels” deals are available nationwide and demonstrate potential savings on new cars depending on the possible discount from the Manufacturers Suggested List Price (MSRP). These steals will benefit from manufacturer’s rebates and cash incentives, based on what our data shows to be the very best opportunities for savings for first time car shoppers in the upcoming timeframe. Understand that incentive programs are susceptible to change by region and ought to be confirmed with your dealer, as they can affect your final price.

Our data also shows what your monthly payment might be when financed for 60 months with a 3 percent APR if you’re capable to contribute a 20 percent advance payment. The included chart also lists fuel economy figures or mile-per-gallon equivalents to assist you compare exactly how much each vehicle could save you with the pump, because these green deals include many different alternative powertrains and body styles.