Learn The Car Tricks You See In The Movies

The majority of the time we aim at specifically encouraging safe driving practices but every now and then it doesn’t harm to have a little bit of fun. The following piece is for information purposes only and we are in no way to be held responsible for any damage to your car, anybody else’s car or property.
There, that’s the boring part over with; now let’s take a look at some fabulous car tricks which you could have in your repertoire with just a little bit of practice and are sure to impress your pals. These tricks are seriously cool . . .
Cadence Breaking
This is not only a cool trick but also the safest way to stop if you’re being chased through the icy streets by a gang of terrorists. This is actually taught on advanced driving courses and involves slamming on your brakes . . . then releasing them . . . . then pumping hard again . . . . rinsing and repeating until you stop.


The Donut
This is probably the most well known of all driving tricks and will have been practiced (but rarely perfected) by many teenager drivers who have managed to escape with their Dads car for the afternoon. It’s really rotating the front or the rear of the car around the opposite wheels and leaves a terrific circular rubber mark on the surface of the road. Remember that if your parents’ car gets wrecked then you’ll have to live with the consequences.


Health Warning – this should only ever be attempted if you happen to be a fictional action hero who can’t die.
This involves driving a car along balancing on one side with two wheels (you’ll need to go over a ramp to get the lift) then standing on the raised side of the car while waving to crowds of adoring fans.


This is a favorite trick which you will no doubt have seen in countless movies where the stunt drivers make it look oh so easy . . . but easy it ain’t. Basically the move involves reversing rapidly in a straight line before quickly turning the wheel in one direction, locking the front wheels with the foot brake and continuing quickly in the same direction, except this time going forwards. If you intend trying to do this you’re going to need a lot of wide open space, in fact scratch that – don’t try it at all.
Trail Braking
Racing drivers do this a lot, well, the good ones anyhow. It involves using your brakes past the entrance of a corner which transfers the weight into the front tires increasing traction and reducing under-steer. Unless you are a top caliber racing driver you should leave this to the professionals, no, seriously, don’t try this one at home.
Handbrake / Parking Brake Turn
This is another great way to escape if you’re in a high speed car chase. What you need to do is to use the park brake while driving which locks up the rear wheels whilst turning the wheel to transfer weight towards the outer rims of the tires which will make the car slide sidewards and allow you to make sharp turns without slowing down.
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